Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If.. you wanted to read..

I cannot put into words,
but it must have begun when I first saw you,
I known that you're came & break my heart,

a love that doesn't suprise much,
a love that doesn't get my heart racing,
nor break my heart..
a love that complains of boredom occasionally,

Although this kind of love is ordinary,
do you know that I want to experience it?
as it makes me hate you when you ignore me
I don't want to continue, but...

you already know that I can't live without you
because I don't want to burden you
even if now I stay by your side
with sadness...

you want to say some other things, but..
what if.. I were to tell you first that I loved you?
I wonder what kind of expression you'll have then..

only with a verbally expressible love
would you comprehend my heart?...

1 comment:

emes said...

aloo bro, emosi mcm terganggu je.rilek ye bro..jgn lama2 sgt gundah gulana..let it be..

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